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Special Education Mediation Training at The Center for Legal Solutions
Instructors: Rick Voyles & Guest Lecturer
6 CE Hours for Mediators. 6 CLE Hours for Attorneys (2 Prof., 1 Ethics)

  Learn to resolve conflict through mediation from the most qualified trainers in Georgia. We offer core courses as well training on specialized topics and advanced skills.

Our Special Education Mediation Training Program is an intensive one-day workshop designed for individuals interested in mediating special education matters, as well as for those who want to better understand special education mediation as educators or party representatives. Register for the Special Education Mediation Training Program.

The primary objectives of the Special Education Mediation Training Program are to:
  • Understand the dynamics of third party neutral conflict resolution as it applies to special education needs and services issues.
  • Examine the characteristics, ethics and limitations of a neutral mediator, as well as legal issues involved in special education cases.
  • Learn the steps of the mediation process.
  • Practice mediation skills in role-play scenarios.
  • Identify mediator competencies.
Our Special Education Mediation Training Program examines the laws impacting education of students with disabilities including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and U.S. Department of Education Regulations. The course looks at the rights and responsibilities of schools under special education law. The training also addresses the formalities of the IDEA and changes to the law made in 2004. Specific issues include Individual Education Program (EIP) requirements and eligibility issues.
Rick Voyles
Rick Voyles, PhD

Those interested in mediating special education matters should take General Civil Mediation Training prior to enrolling in this course. See Jennifer Matte's Report on Opportunities with Special Education Mediation Programs.

If you are interested in mediating in court-annexed programs, please see the state and local requirements to register as a mediator which are compiled on this web site. If you simply want a better understanding of special education mediation, you are welcome to take this course without having previously taken General Civil Mediation Training.

The Special Education Mediation Training Program is lead by Rick Voyles. Dr. Voyles is a subject matter expert in the areas of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution. He is a registered Neutral with the State of Georgia's Office of Dispute Resolution, and he has traveled the world, training people in conflict management and mediation skills. Dr. Voyles does extensive work in the areas of prejudice reduction, cross-cultural communication and conflict management. Dr. Voyles will be assisted by Attorney Martin Ellin, Director of the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyer Foundation. Mr. Ellin will discuss IDEA laws and update attendees on recent developments that impact special education and special needs.

This course may be used to satisfy GODR Continuing Education Requirements.

Please note that the fact that a training program has been approved by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution does not imply that any particular court-annexed or court referred program must or will accept as neutrals those who have completed that program.

See State and Local Requirements for:
Additional Information on State Requirements:
Additional Information on Local Requirements:

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